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Dont’ Tell Me, Show Me …

Dont’ Tell Me, Show Me …

I admit that the funniest moment in my classes is when I tell my students: «I will teach you everything I know…»
Then I wait for their reactions, usually enthusiasm, and finally, with a bit of «healthy» irony, I finish the sentence: … «Because in reality, even if I tell you everything I know, there are things that are never taught» …
This is my particular way of making them “wake up” on the first day, and distinguish between training and skills that are only achieved with years and experience.

The Good Administrator and The Bad Manager

In working life there is nothing more disappointing than trying to do something, even if you are right or it is a good project, and they ask you what training you have…
Those who do it regularly always have what I call «textbook answers» on hand. That is, it’s clear «they went through the university», but «the university never went through them.»
They may be good administrators, but they will never be good managers.
That is the difference between training and capability, and it can be the determining element to be a good manager in a company.

Jump into the pool

You cannot run a company based on a university manual. In business, as in life, you have to you have to jump into the pool, seek initiative, get out of your comfort zone and learn to navigate outside the currents.
Training is the basis of systematic thinking, and we could define skill as the ability to look for alternatives within that system.
The competence, on the other hand, is the degree of autonomy and orientation, if not to excellence, at least to effectiveness in the performance of a task.
Being competent implies the ability to improve daily. It involves the development of experiences and skills, and above all of one’s own, alternative, critical thinking, capable of finding original solutions, managing risks, managing information from different sources and even one’s own philosophy.
That’s why when they ask you what training you have, you better get up and walk away from that place.
When they ask you: What can you do…? just go and do it…
Dont’ tell me, show me…