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Business Intelligence & Advanced Data Analytics

“Most companies fail because managers ignore the coldness and objectivity of data and are more guided by intuition. The key to success is in striking the balance between the two.”

Fabio MurrietaCEO Barthes & Co™

The final objective of a company is to generate profit and for this it must deal with sales, maintaining the quality of its products and services, its human resources, supply and sources of raw material and above all maintaining and retaining its employees. customers.

In the best of cases, the result is usually growth equal to or slightly higher than in previous years. Barthes & Co aims to be a business accelerator and we want to go one step further and ask you the question: Where do you imagine or where do you want to see your company, and yourself, in the coming years?

Some of the advantages of how your company can benefit from working with Barthes & Co are the following :

  • Diagnosis of the situation of the company and its potential.
  • Faster analysis and strategic decision making.
  • Study of new opportunities and markets.
  • Custom Special Intel Reports.
  • Prediction of industry trends.
  • Identification of patterns and changes in the industry.
  • Monitoring and follow-up of studies and projects.

For them, we focus our efforts on saving time for the management team and simplifying decision-making that has to do with the company’s strategy in the short, medium and long term, offering variables, alliances and scenarios that may not have been considered. but that can make the difference between taking a leap in quality and making money or continuing to be one more in the market.

Business Intelligence | Barthes & Co | Andorra

What does Barthes & Co offer?

Barthes & Co offers its own methodology, developed from years of experience in brand development and management. Our team is made up of a collaboration of specialists from multiple disciplines, from business administration, market analysis, information technology, but also from the humanities. At the moment, Artificial Intelligence is one more tool that we use, but that does not exceed or supplant personalized treatment with our clients..

Boost Your Business
“The big question is: Where do you want to see your Company in the coming years … ?”

Companies don't use BI

BI Advantages

The Results of Business Analytics

In the context of the new Economic Ecosystem, the application of Business Intelligence and data analysis ( or Business Analytics ), combined with Market Studies and new Business Opportunities, can increase the diversification of the company, to face specific crises in certain market niches, help control costs, develop of new successful products, an improvement in the final customer experience, as well as an increase in profitability and profits.

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