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End to End Projects

“Most companies fail because managers ignore the coldness and objectivity of data and are more guided by intuition. The key to success is in striking the balance between the two.”

Fabio MurrietaCEO Barthes & Co™

Linked to our active search service for New Business and Investment Opportunities, as well as the development of New Product Lines, Barthes & Co can coordinate the development of all phases of a project until its launch.

These are some of the central objectives of a project End to End :

  • Greater rigor in the adjustments and compliance of the initial financing and all the planned phases.

  • Improvement of Communication Flows and trust between partners or participants.

  • Lower cost thanks to the outsourcing of business constitution and development processes to a single provider.

  • More useful time for making strategic decisions and being able to focus on the issues that really matter to a CEO, by delegating the execution and supervision of the project.

Managing a Project End to End

After identifying a Business Opportunity, Barthes & Co designs an execution schedule, participates in the search for financing and is responsible for coordinating all phases of the schedule, acting as Project Director.

Once the start-up is completed, Barthes & Co, as a Business Consultant, can optionally continue to participate, promoting communication between investors through supervision, updating technologies, implementing sustainable processes and sending periodic reports.

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