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“Most companies fail because managers ignore the coldness and objectivity of data and are more guided by intuition. The key to success is in striking the balance between the two.”

Fabio MurrietaCEO Barthes & Co™

Usually, a company’s Communication Strategy tends to be identified with the marketing and advertising of its products and services.

Lately it is usually identified with the figure of the Community Manager as the only way to connect digitally with the consumer.

Nothing could be further from the truth. What can we achieve with a good Communication Strategy in a project or business :

  • More information through predictive analytics for a better Customer Experience (CX).

  • Quick identification of communication failures that affect the economic value.

  • Improved communication flow at all levels of the company and greater reaction capacity in decision-making.

Communication Planning & Strategy

Communication is a transversal element that affects the entire structure of the company and goes beyond the customer service department and the management of social networks.

The impact of a correct communication strategy has to do with teamwork, with correctly transmitting ideas, values and objectives, and ultimately with achieving business success.

Communication is an internal and external flow of strategic, technical, commercial content, digital and physical information.

Ignoring this fact can affect the productive, commercial and image level of the company. You can have a good idea and not know how to communicate it. You can have a good business, and not be able to close it. With all of the above, it has to do with the importance of having a well-defined communication strategy, both internal and external, in a company.

Communication Intelligence & Artificial Intelligence

One of the first applications of Artificial Intelligence has been virtual conversation assistants, or chatboots. But delegating incident management and customer service is a mistake.

Communication has its scientific basis in linguistics, mathematics, semiotics as well as other social disciplines, and encompasses Marketing and also Image and Brand Strategy. In the midst of this context, Artificial Intelligence can be integrated as one more process that helps automate tasks, but just as there are areas in which its application is productive, in the sphere of communication it is still as if we were giving it a toy. To a child. Chatboots are the first step towards a long-range Artificial Intelligence but they do not even reach 1% of what a true AI is supposed to be.

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