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Dont’ Tell Me, Show Me …

I admit that the funniest moment in my classes is when I tell my students: "I will teach you everything[...]

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Macbeth, the Forest, and the Digital Economy

The CEO's fear, or when the trees don't let see the forest After ignorance, fear is probably the most destabilizing[...]

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New Commodity Luxury Fashion Brands

"Quiet Fashion" and "Commodity Fashion" have traditionally been two distinct concepts within the fashion industry and have not been directly[...]

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Digital Transformation or Automation ?

Digital transformation and Digital Automation are related concepts but they have clear differences and belong to different moments in the[…]

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ChatGPT : I Love You and I Hate You

When we talk about intelligence, regarding all the expectation that has been created with the opening of ChatGPT by Microsoft,[…]

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